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{ Insurance } 

"Insurance can be complex and confusing.

We are here to help you figure it all out."

{ Loyalty Program } 

"No insurance, No Problem!

We've got you covered."

We work with all major PPO dental insurance plans 

We provide a complimentary verification breakdown of benefits and co-payments before your first appointment, so you can better understand your coverage. 


We also accept credit cards and Care Credit as a form of payment.

No Insurance,  No Problem!

We strive to make dental care more affordable for all of our patients. Our Loyalty Program allows you to have the exceptional dental care you deserve, with no annual maximums, deductibles or claim forms. The program is not an insurance plan, but it does provide considerable savings for dental services. See below for more information on our Loyalty Program.

Loyalty Program - One-time Annual Fee of $350*
• 2 Clinical Doctor Exams 
• 2 Dental Cleanings (Prophylaxis)
• 1 Set of Routine X-Rays
• 30% off  Dental Procedures

*Some procedures may be excluded from our Loyalty Program. If you do not qualify for regular dental prophylaxis (regular cleaning), additional charges will apply for initial scaling and root planning. After scaling and root planning, you will receive 1 complimentary periodontal maintenance appointment per year. Additional periodontal maintenance appointments will be discounted at 30%. 

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